What is includeed?

Includeed is an online self-assessment solution helping companies maximize their talents’ potential through Strategic Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Management, or what we call “Diversity Intelligence at the Core of Business”.

The Current D&I Gap

90% of major companies communicate about their workforce diversity.
Yet, only 40% have diversity metrics, only 8% are able to assess the ROI of their diversity measures and only 39% of these companies’ employees actually feel that inclusion is a reality in their workplace.
Companies must address this implementation gap if they want to stay employers of choice, which attract, develop and retain the best talents.
Where does your company stand? Discover it now with includeed.

How includeed. works

First, identify your company’s D&I gaps:
  • by benchmarking against both best practices, and other companies in your industry & geographic locations
  • by conducting 360 inclusion surveys covering 4 levels: company level, C-level, managers & employees
Second, follow our tailored action plan to reinforce your employees’ sense of belonging and ultimately lead to better performance

Best Practices are based on

Full sources

We cover 7 diversity dimensions, all at once

Existing solutions mainly focus on the inclusion of women and ethnic minorities.
Includeed is different. It targets the whole workforce of the company, and not solely its minorities. Analyzing these 7 dimensions on one single platform enables you to save a significant amount of time, energy and money.

8 business departments, 1 single platform

Includeed understands diversity management as a strategic asset at all levels of the value chain, not dedicated uniquely to HR, but covering 7 other business departments – executive, legal, sales, marketing, procurement, CSR, facilities. It repositions HR, and more importantly the human component, at the center of business performance.

We put a price on unequal opportunities at work

Includeed’s breakthrough technology:
  • Estimates your losses
  • Predicts your gains
  • Calculates the ROI of your company’s D&I efforts

Your Gains

  • 23% higher employees’ engagement (at a time where engagement has never been so dramatically low)
  • 33% less voluntary turnover 
  • An average saving of $35 000 per employee in lost productivity each year
  • 64% higher employees’ perception of innovation
  • Improved attraction of Generation Y talents, 78% of whom say that D&I achievements is important when choosing their employer


360° Assessment
Access in-depth results with our 360° Assessment
Tailored Action Plan
Improve your score and start harnessing the diversity dividend with our Tailored Action Plan
ROI Calculator
Determine how much you will save with our ROI Calculator
International Benchmark
Discover how others are performing with our International Benchmark
Online Resource Library
Stay on top of D&I management with access to the latest publications from leading media and Universities in our online Resource Library
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Do not loose talents simply because you were unaware they didn’t feel includeed.

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